Restaurant Directory Listing - Call for Proposal

gui commited 3 years ago

Frustrated by regular schooling, and motivated to build things on my own I'm willing to build a microservice architecture in public with friends as promised:

And by my friends I mean you. You're welcome to join, do things on your own terms, and share your progress.

I'll open space here in my blog to people who wrap up different solutions.

If you're a watcher, you're welcome too! We're building everything in public, so you can observe and criticize.

πŸ— The Project

We're building a directory listing for restaurants inspired by

Nomad List
🌍 Go nomad: Join a global community of remote workers living around the world

So instead of looking for restaurants as someone would on Google, we're creating an app to list them focusing on the pictures and other attributes the restaurant may have.

The goal is not to be original, but to build in public, and share learnings.

🌟 Challenges to keep in mind



And that's it. It's intentionally open-ended to push you to bootstrap your own solutions and put into practice your problem-solving skills.

I'm going to share my approach to the issue later on this blog, and progress on Twitter. Subscribe to the newsletter so you won't miss it!

πŸ—ΊοΈ How is it going to work?

It's simple. No need for fancy project launches, it's just us: friends hacking and learning together.

You're going to read the proposed challenge above, understand the features, define which technologies you want to use, design your architecture, and start building it.

You got the control! Wanna try that amazing framework? Maybe play with Deno? Why not Flutter? Well, you decide, that's your call!

There's no need to do it in a "microservice fashion way" either. Feel free to wrap up your monolith, that's ok.

Yet, if you're a beginner and there's something you have no clue on how to do, you can watch first and then replicate it on your own terms.

Once you have it defined, do as follows:

  1. Fork this repo:
  2. Follow the template
  3. Push your changes to your own repo, and
  4. Get in touch to let me know you're participating, so I can share your work publicly:

Reach out either through Twitter or my personal email:

Don't forget to share it with your friends, they might have an opinion on how to do it themselves, or they might enjoy watching you do it.

And the most important: as you evolve, share your work!

Excited to see your evolution! If you want to see mine as well, consider following me on Twitter and subscribing to the newsletter for updates on all the participants.

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